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Lagging cursor on Macbook Pro M2

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Lagging cursor on Macbook Pro M2


Occasionally, I try to do some work on my MacBook Pro (M2) instead of my Windows workstation. But as soon I start - I can't withstand the cursor lag in sketch mode, thus shutting down the Fusion360. Is there anything I can do to eliminate this lag and have the snappiness I have on my Windows workstation?

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Hi @mitkus.tadas, thanks for the report. I think I can reproduce this. Does it happen when both full screen and zoomed/maximized? Or just full screen?


Another option to try is going into the application Preferences > Graphics > Display and unchecking High-resolution canvas graphics on high DPI displays.

Lance Carocci
Fusion 360 QA for UI Framework/Cloud Workflows, and fervent cat enthusiast
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@lance.carocci Thank you for your reply and confirming that the issue can be replicated. While disabling the High-resolution canvas graphics is indeed helping, it's not a very huge improvement, and lag is still there. It appears that the biggest change is the Fusion360 window screen size - the smaller the window, the snappier it gets. Please see an attached video showing the differences from the smallest possible window to the mid-sized window to the maximized window. 

I have plans to convert to full-time working on Mac but can't before this issue is solved. Any help would be much appreciated!

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I did some further testing on this and found that Anti-Aliasing in conjunction with High Res Canvas Graphics is responsible for almost a 40-50% drop in framerate. Frankly, AA isn't really needed at 2x scale, but I see some logic here we can improve nonetheless, such as the fact that AA doesn't seem to be disabling automatically if a minimum navigation FPS is set.


You can disable AA under the Navigation Bar under the Effects submenu. There is also a preference that will override this and disable AA and AO with high res canvas graphics.

Lance Carocci
Fusion 360 QA for UI Framework/Cloud Workflows, and fervent cat enthusiast

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