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July 2023 - Reliable/Repeatable Crash When Creating Drawing (Apple Silicon)

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July 2023 - Reliable/Repeatable Crash When Creating Drawing (Apple Silicon)

Crash Report: 713122037 and crash output attached as plain text.
Fusion 360 crashes when I create a drawing from design (specifically it crashes when I click OK, everything pertaining to creating the new drawing is left as default).  Fusion 360 is up to date (2.0.16753 arm64 [Native]), I've restarted, and Chrome is the only other user app open.  I use a SpaceMouse + trackpad.
I have been searching the web for fixes, and I found this article but it's talking about Windows.  I'm on a 2023 M2Max MBP, which BTW runs Fusion great (nice work ADSK!)
Any tips for getting drawings to not-crash?
Many Thanks.
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in reply to: digiphis

Hi @digiphis ,


Sorry to hear that you are facing an issue. We have received the crash report and investigating this. Can you please help with following?
1. Does this happen with specific dataset or all? 
2. Are you creating drawing from scratch or using some template?
3. Can you please share dataset if possible for which it's crashing? We will use it only for investigation purpose. Please share it on

cc: @nemadec 


Pramod Kadam
Product Owner
Fusion 360 Drawings
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in reply to: digiphis

Hi Pramod, thank you for looking into this!  You asked very good questions.


1) it seems to be all fusion files that crash Fusion 360 when I click OK to create a new drawing.

2) creating drawing from scratch, no template

3) I'll email a simple dataset that I also shared with a friend who uses Fusion 360 - he was able to open my file and create a drawing without issue, so something is probably wrong with the instance on my machine, unfortunately.  


Many thanks.


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