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Joints for a specific mechanism

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Joints for a specific mechanism

Hello brains trust. I have attached a link to a project I am nutting out. I really am not the best with joints etc. as I'm trying to learn along the way using trial and error and some YouTube. Also as a .f3d attachment.


Basically this is a platform which has a ball screw attached at the back. The ball screw is the linear motion generator and the platform follows the guide rails with pins. I used a Planar joint and then gave the slots and pins a tangential relationship to make them the guide rails. A ball screw is not the only way of getting this motion, for the experiment and development i decided on one. I may need to use belt and pulley drives for instance.


Hopefully the motion of the ball screw will lover the back of the platform, pins follow along in the channels and lowers the platform, while rotating the platform into a vertical orientation. It may not be long enough at the moment to do the range of motion, but I was hoping to get it to work (ish).


Can anyone shed some light on this mechanism and any pointers on how to make it work better. I understand there may be some finer points in making the actual mech work in the real world and close properly. That will come in time with some more CAD planning.


Thank you in advance. 



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Won't work in Fusion like that.  Real life with manufactuing tolerances, probably will.


Front guide will have to be the same height as the rear, (currently lower) because the shelf can't stretch to go along your current tracks.




Beginning of the track has to be a parallelogramed shape, at least till the rear pin starts to drop.

Yep back track is too short.  Some weird numbers there.

Not sure you can lift any weight out that far, on the way up.


Might help.....

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