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Issue with View Cube Rotation Causing View Jumps in Fusion 360

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Issue with View Cube Rotation Causing View Jumps in Fusion 360

Hey everyone,

I've come across an issue while using Fusion 360 that I wanted to bring to your attention. It seems like there's a bug related to the rotation of the View Cube located in the upper right corner of the interface.

When I try to rotate the View Cube to the right using my mouse, it's causing unexpected view jumps. For instance, if the "Right" label is initially in front of me and I attempt to rotate it to the right, instead of smoothly transitioning to the "Front" view, the view jumps abruptly to a different angle, often showing the "Back" view.

This behavior is quite frustrating and disrupts the workflow, especially when I'm trying to navigate around my model with precision. I've tried restarting the software and even my computer, but the issue persists.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, have you found any workarounds or solutions? It would be great to know if there's a way to resolve this, as it's slowing down my design process.

Looking forward to your insights and suggestions!

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The problem still exist!
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Sad but the problem still exist!
Please let me know if you need more information.

I know of several people who have the same problem.

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in reply to: Fehér_Tamás

I have this problem too, and cannot find any solution in the forums, nor any setting in preferences that might help.  It appears that if you go far enough off-screen, the view cube does an abrupt 180 degree rotation.  It is beyond frustrating. It did not used to work this way.

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in reply to: rnl9t

I also noticed that as the mouse leaves the monitor area, the error occurs (the phenomenon occurs in all directions). Unfortunately, there is still no solution, and several people have already reported that they are experiencing the same issue.

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I think I found the solution!
The recommended 150% (in my case it was 125%) had to be set to 100% so that the error does not occur.
So far, it has been good even with a (150%) 125% increase; however, I just realized how to address the issue.

How to Change Icon Size Windows 10-3.jpg

@rnl9t  Please report back if the same solution worked for you.

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in reply to: Fehér_Tamás

Thank you for the tip. It works for me too. I have to keep it at 100% and is fine. The cube is larger is size than normal but does the trick

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