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Is there a way to increase the 3d viewport grid and cursor line weight?

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Is there a way to increase the 3d viewport grid and cursor line weight?

to increase visibility? I have a 4 k monitor and the grid and cursor is almost impossilbe to see, very frustrating.

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in reply to: weswaitD

Hi @weswaitD, would you mind letting me know your DPI scale, and attach a screenshot for my reference?

I think I know the issue you speak of. If you have DPI scaling enabled, the canvas should double the line thickness to compensate, but it seems like that is not currently happening - we will investigate further.


In the meantime, a side-grade workaround would be to disable High Resolution Canvas Graphics under Preferences > Graphics > Display. This will half the resolution of the modeling canvas, but the lines will be of appropriate thickness - it's a tradeoff, certainly.


As for cursor scaling - it's our expectation that users override cursor size at an OS level, and Fusion is tested with this configuration - but otherwise, no, there is currently no way to override cursor scale at a Fusion-only level.

Lance Carocci
Fusion 360 QA for UI Framework/Cloud Workflows, and fervent cat enthusiast
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Thanks that did it, I can now see the workspace grid and the cursor as well

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