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Is there a way to deselect edges from a face selection in chamfer/fillet?

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Is there a way to deselect edges from a face selection in chamfer/fillet?

I'm wanting to face select both sides of this part to chamfer everything inside it, and deselect all the countersunk holes so it doesn't try to chamfer them again. Is there a way to do this or do I have to select each individual edge...Screenshot 2023-08-08 104047.png

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If you countersink holes are placed last, in your timeline, you can simply move the timeline marker before the holes, do the chamfer using faces, then drag the timeline back to the end of the timeline to return the holes.  If you holes are not at the end of the timeline, you may be able to move them there first.


If this is not feasible, you are probably destine to do it using the long method.



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John Hackney

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If you select a face, that is defined to select ALL edges of that face.  You can, however, window-select edges (set your filter to just edges), then de-select the edges you don't want by holding down CTRL (CMD) on Mac.

Jeff Strater
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