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Is there a way to copy /export project parameters to text or xls file?

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Is there a way to copy /export project parameters to text or xls file?

I finished designing a project will lots of components. I was just about to start 3d printing them, one of my earliest components were ruined.  I tracked back to the version when it first appeared. It was a beginning of a new component and I added new parameter formulas for it. So i am sure that I edited some of the parameters of those older components by mistake.


There are quite a number of parameters. Going back and fort between versions, opening change parameters  every time and check each parameter  seems like a never ending process. Even if I move intact components to one of those versions, They all rely on formulas i defined for them and I need to re enter them in that version too. So practically another quite a lot of choir.


I want to export whole parameters of two versions to be able to compare them in note++ or excel and correct the ones effected. 


How can i copy/ export them to txt or xls? even better if i can compare them within Fusion 360 and copy a batch of them to an other.

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try this



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Thanks, it took only few minutes to find the wrong parameters in Note++. Though something is still off. Now I have to find where else I botched it.



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