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is there a chance to recover recent work?

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is there a chance to recover recent work?

I'm new to Fusion but a lot of experience with Solidworks. I am converting a long list of SW files to Fusion, have spent the last three days doing so. This evening something happened, not even sure I recognized anything happening, that the last 24'ish hours of work is gone. If I move to "My Recent Data", for a brief moment the images of that work flash into view, then disappear, and updates with work from approximately 24hrs ago as the most recent. I suspect these are simply cached 'icons', but when the project isn't found, they disappear.  Is there somewhere I might find the project files? I've done a little research in crash recovery, but I'm not sure that even happened. I find nothing in the folders suggested. Is there anything to be done to find the missing projects?

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@l_dowell1117 If you go to the design that you are missing the work, look at the version, when is the last version saved? Is this one design or you worked on multiple designs in the last 24 hours and all those designs are missing? 

Assuming this is windows, can you collect log files for us please?

1. Go to Fusion - > Help - > Support and diagnostics
2. Service utility
3. Gather system info
4. Attach file

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
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