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Is it just me or is each new release getting slower?

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Is it just me or is each new release getting slower?

I try to stay up to date with the latest releases. However running on an M1 MacBook Air they seem to be getting really slow. I'm actually starting to look at alternatives now given the load times and the responsiveness of the UI. I love the features of Fusion 360 and the other programs don't have them all but given the combination of performance and price it's getting challenging to justify. Has anyone else noticed this and is there any resolution to the performance? Besides just spending thousands of dollars more on hardware?

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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file that exhibits this issue to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

I doubt that hardware will solve the issue.


1. Are you using computationally efficient modeling techniques?

2. Are all of your sketches fully defined (no blue lines or white dots)?

3. Are there any unresolved issues highlighted in red or yellow in your Timeline (CMD b or CTRL b)?

4. Are you using Feature Patterns rather than Sketch Patterns?


An actual file that exhibits slow behavior will answer all of these questions (I am running Fusion on a 10 year old PC).


This question is asked here several times a month and so far every single time the issue has turned out to be computationally expensive modeling techniques.

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This is observed when simply opening the application before any modeling starts.

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@gaskets.prow-0x wrote:

This is observed when simply opening the application before any modeling starts.


Yes, I have observed that behavior too.  But if I simply wait 5 minutes or so before starting to model - everything works fine from there on out.

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I've read other users reporting this, but cannot say that I have experienced this on any of the three rather different computers I use Fusion 360 on. 

The oldest one is a 2017 15" MacBook Pro, the newest one is an AMD Ryzen 5950x with 64GB of memory and fast M.2 SSD.

The Dell precision at work is somewhere in the in between performance wise (closer to the MacBook) .

The MacBook I use at work and at home on two different wireless networks.   

Peter Doering
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My experience is using an M1 MacBook Air, so hopefully once the Apple Silicon is natively supported this will start to go away.

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