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'Invalid GUID. Could not identify oxygen user' after changing the e-mail address

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'Invalid GUID. Could not identify oxygen user' after changing the e-mail address

Hello all,
when I try to log into Fusion Team online, I get the error message 'Invalid GUID. Could not identify oxygen user'. I get the same when I want to open a project on the web via Fusion 360. I can use the Fusion app without any problems.
In addition, I do not receive any emails when I am invited by colleagues to their projects. I work at a university and therefore have an Education Licence.


I have changed the email address of my Autodesk account and know that this is the problem.


I have already created a ticket with support and told them my old address and my new address.

The first message I received from support was a request to send screenshots. I have done this. In the second e-mail from support, I was asked whether I receive online messages. I pointed out that I could not log in online. In the subsequent message, I was told that the case would now be forwarded to the supervisor, who would get back to me. It has now been almost two weeks. Since then I have not received any more messages. I also do not receive any answers to enquiries.


I know that the problem has already been discussed several times here in the forum and solutions have also been found. Can someone please help me? I can't get any further via the support.

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@jhackney1972 wrote:

Go to this website, log in using the Autodesk ID and Password "you used when you created the missing files".  Once in scroll down the left side of the window until you see Fusion 360 and select it.  You should see all your files.


Now, if you do not use the Autodesk ID and Password you used when you created the files, you will not see them so be careful and use the correct one.

@jhackney1972 wrote:

You will definitely need to log in using your previous Autodesk ID.  If it asks to create a team, do so.  Do not worry about your old team name, if you had one, just create a new one.  If you can can get logged in using your Autodesk ID, that was in effect when you created your files, you can switch to any available team after log in.  In the screen capture below I am logged into my Fusion Web Database, the same web address I gave you before, and I am looking at all my teams I have access to.  I can select any one I desire.  The one with my name is my old personal account that I started using Fusion 360 with. 


Team Access.png



Here is the forum link hope this helps

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Hello @lanparty233 ,
Thank you very much for your quick feedback.
Unfortunately, I have the same problem with your suggested solution.


Which may have come across wrong: I did not change my AutodeskID, but only the e-mail address assigned to the AutodeskID. I can therefore see all my projects and designs that I have previously created. Nothing has been lost and I can work with everything. However, no one can invite me to their project because I don't get a message about it. After inviting me, I would have to confirm it in order to be able to work. 

Additionally, I can't view my projects online because I can't log in to Fusion Team.
With the solution you described, I get the same error message.

Fehlermeldung Fusion.png


The problem does not seem to be a new one. I can at least find something about this on the Autodesk Support help page (here only for BIM 360):


I created the ticket as described and also sent my old and new e-mail address several times. However, the support still doesn't seem to get it right.

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