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Insert drawings into current design. How to get parts close to each other to join?

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Insert drawings into current design. How to get parts close to each other to join?

When inserting a drawing into a current design. After inserting the drawing is so far apart that joining is impossible. 

How to insert en move parts easily next to each other?



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I assume that you have inserted a component (not a drawing!).
Then you can see that this part is labelled with a chain symbol, which means that it is linked to the parent part in the data panel.
In this state, it is not possible to perform operations such as combining with this part.
This is only possible if you have removed the link after right-clicking "Break Link".


Please share the file for reply.

File > export > save as f3d on local drive  > attach to post



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It is unclear what you mean by”join”.  If you mean you want to Combine Components then @g-andresen answer is perfect.  If you instead mean to add an assembly Joint then you do do need to get them close to each other.  Simply apply the Joint you need and they will move together.  You can Ground one to predict the motion.

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