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Inherited holes not recognised in drawings

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Inherited holes not recognised in drawings

Hi there,


I have a part B that inherits from another part A, both of which have holes (threaded and non-threaded) created within in file.

When creating a drawing for part B, the holes inherited from part A are not recognised in the drawing. i.e. not shown in hole table or hole/thread note.


Is this information completely lost when doing so or is there a fix/check box i may be missing?



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Hi @daniel.wikmanQZUM9 


Are you inserting the file with the holes into a new design, or deriving the file into a new design?


Please share a downloadable link to your 2D drawing (it will automatically include all the files), or if it is sensitive, feel free to send it directly to me Clint. Brown {a} 

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Hi Clint,

I am deriving the part in a new design and adding additional features to it. Can share the file later today if necessary.



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Hi @daniel.wikmanQZUM9 


Unfortunately, holes in the derived component will not come through in drawings, as the derive does not carry these features forward.

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