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Inconsistent rotation at profile sweep along non-circular spiral path

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Inconsistent rotation at profile sweep along non-circular spiral path

Dear Fusion 360 Community,

I noticed an expected behavior in the rotation functionality of the sweep tool.

I designed a non-circular body, that I created a spiral on using the intersection of a spiral plane with that body. Therefore, I have a non-circular path along that body, which moves up the body in an even spiral fashion. I then created a plane at the beginning of that path and designed a rope shaped profile.

If I then sweep that profile along the path and enter a rotation of e.g. 3000 degrees along the whole model, I notice 2 odd behaviors:

- It is only possible to generate the sweep for very specific rotations

- The rotation, once possible to generate is inconsistent along the path. At some points it has a strong rotation, while small at other segments.

I attached the model to the post for further debugging.

Bildschirm­foto 2023-05-13 um 16.47.29.pngBildschirm­foto 2023-05-13 um 16.47.36.png

I'd love to get information about that unexpected behavior and also get suggestions on how to more properly design that rope spiral. 



Greetings, Phil


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