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Inconsistent hole sizes when deleting threads

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Inconsistent hole sizes when deleting threads

Ok a lot to go over. All shown in the below video.


If I open up an older version of my project that has threaded holes (with remember size checked off) and delete a 3/8"-16 threaded hole, I would assume the non threaded hole that gets created would have a diameter of .3125" assuming the hole was originally .3125" in diameter prior to creating the threads.


At the start of the video below, I do just that but get a hole that is .3126" in diameter. This isn't rounding error as one can see in the video I'm able to use the push/pull tool to pull the diameter smaller to .3125".


Next in the video I open up an even older version of the file which contains the original .3125" holes I created.


At the end of the video, I do the same thing [delete threaded hole] but the resulting hole is neither .3125" or .3126" but .2575" in diameter. The newest model I apply this to is not the original geometry, but was copied and pasted "as new" I believe after I deleted the threads.


I would expect the original hole size to be remembered and not be .0001" off or at least for the results to be consistent.


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