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In-Canvas Render Crashes with Custom Environment Mac Studio

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In-Canvas Render Crashes with Custom Environment Mac Studio

Title says it all. Anytime I click in-canvas render, Fusion immediately crashes and submits a crash report. I have a custom environment set, which seems to be the trigger for the crash. When I switch out the custom environment for a stock one, everything seems to be fine. The custom environment was procured from the Internet and is 16K resolution if that matters.


I have a brand new Mac Studio Ultra, macOS Ventura 13.5 (22G74), 128GB RAM, 2TB HD, 24 core CPU, 60 core GPU, and a fresh new install of Fusion (nothing was migrated). Happy to share my file if it will help.


I am hoping I'm missing something obvious vs "doesn't work with apple silicon".





Professional PowerPoint Jockey...
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I'll ask @lance.carocci to help out here. He will ask you for your log files.


Why would you need a 16k file to illuminate a scene?

Peter Doering
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Hi Peter - I tried the 4K file and was having problems. Watched a few videos and one recommended 16K files - no other reason. The resolution of the HDRI file didn't seem to change the outcome and didn't seem to enhance the rendering in any way.

For the record, I'm not looking for the HDRI file to illuminate the scene as much as I'm looking for a quality background to render my item against. If there is another way to do that, I'm open to suggestions. I'm not necessarily new to rendering, but I am new to using custom environments. Again, I really just want my design to be represented in a nice environment rather than a grey background (or the desert or snow or any of the other dumb stock environments).

None of that changes the fact that Fusion is crashing though.

Professional PowerPoint Jockey...
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16k versions are only helpful if the HDRI is also going to be used as a backplate of visible environment.

But that's only one way to get a background into a render and it is a resource hog.


A 4k HDRI is about 100Mb. A 10k HDRI is 1.5+Gb. That data has to be uploaded.

An HDRI is a hemispherical image, of which most is not seen in a render.


Another option is to use image planes and use an image as a texture, perhaps use the image as an emitting texture.





Peter Doering

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