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Image on screen, not reflecting the entered dimensions.

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Image on screen, not reflecting the entered dimensions.

Hello all,


I am new to fusion 360 and I am having a problem. Specifically, when I make an object in F360, while the dimensions are entered correctly and show on screen correctly, the object looks stretched along the x-axis.

For example, I have an old vacuum tube on a chuck of scrape wood that I drilled holes by hand to mount it. As a first test I made a box 80mm x 80mm object, which is the exact dimensions of the piece of wood, and then placed all the holes in the exact positions relative from the sides and each other. When I compared the pins of the tube to the image on screen it looked off on the x-axis. When I cut it on my CNC machine it was off on the x-axis as shown on screen (by about 20 mm) 



I  since removed everything from my PC, and reinstalled everything fresh and set it all up again. I am now making a test carving of a scrape piece of wood to test using the CNC for making faceplates for a instrument panel in a home cockpit. Again, I have a box that is 200mm x 120mm and the item on the screen dimension say it is 200mm x 120mm, but again when I hold the physical box up to the screen it is clearly stretched on the x-axis again. 


Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

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Problem one (screen stretch) is solved. I am hadn't noticed that when using PARSEC from my Macbook (for another reason) it had changed my desktop native resolution to that of the Macbook - radically different screen ratios!  Feel like a idiot, but happy that is solved.

I will do a test print now to see it that somehow was influencing the files going to the CNC.

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Hi @Apiek

The issue could also be with the CNC machine itself, I know in some of my machines there is a number that converts linear movements to rotation of the servo motors and if this number is out of calibration you can see results like this. Specifically on one of the X,Y or Z axis, as this is what each servo motor controls. Thinking it though you did mention making a box first, if that has the correct dimensions then I'm less sure of this solution, but I've seen it where instead of cutting circles on the machine we get oval shapes.

Joshua Aigen
Workshop Supervisor
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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

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