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I can't log into Fusion360

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I can't log into Fusion360

I installed Fusion360, logged in, and it opened. After the second login, he asked me to log in, when I clicked on Sing in, he redirected me to the browser for authorization in Autodesk, after which he directed me to open the Fusion 360 program. After clicking, nothing changed in the program, Sing in was still there, and in the browser I was redirected to a page with a Sing out button. I will be glad if you help me solve this problem.f4.pngf3.pngf2.pngf1.png
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@spiritlitle I take it that this is the first time you are trying to login to Fusion after creating your account? If so this is likely to not accepting a URL in an email that should have been sent to you. 

1. Please go to
2. Login and it will redirect you to an email
3. Follow the process and this should help you

Please let is know if that helped!

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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Thank you very much!

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