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How would I fillet the ends created by this Pattern > Split Body?

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How would I fillet the ends created by this Pattern > Split Body?

I'm trying to learn how to add patterns faces.  So far I've got a technique down that I think is the right method, where I extrude sketched rectangle, fillet the outer corners, then pattern the extrustion/fillet feature vertically across the face of my geometry, and then use a Split Body to contain the pattern within the face that I want the pattern on.  (This is illustrated in the first pic below.)


So far so good...

But I can't figure out how to apply a Fillet everywhere that the edges are cut by the Split Body (illustrated in the second pic below).  I saw in a tutorial that someone used a Rule Fillet modifier, but it doesn't work for me. 


(I know I can do it by manually selecting each end of the patterned rectangle, but this is just a crude example of a far more intricate pattern I'm working on, and manually selecting each end of the pattern would be tedious to the extreme.)


Would anybody mind opening up my project and letting me know what I can do?


Screenshot 2024-01-06 192307.jpgScreenshot 2024-01-06 192410.jpg

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Rule Fillet is your friend



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in reply to: g-andresen

First of all thank you so much for taking the time to do that.  I was very excited when I saw that you responded and made a video explanation no less.


However, it sadly doesn't work for me and I'm very confused why.  I've done exactly as you did, but for some reason my number of Faces/Features selected comes out to 117 (yours is 150), and when I try to fillet I just get the same error as before.  



What am I doing wrong?

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