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How to work efficiently within 10 design limit as Non-commercial user

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How to work efficiently within 10 design limit as Non-commercial user

I have been learning Fusion 360 for a few weeks now with the help of youtube tutorials and here. As a 3D printing hobbyist, i am very a happy with the progress. I started enjoying design more and more and as I build confidence, I dare to make more complex designs. But 10 design limitations became the hurdle now. As soon as finished with one design, i am exporting / saving it to my PC and deleting it from my "editable document" to free up space.  I have a bunch of small parts in those saved designs that i want to reuse  as is or modified versions in my new projects.  But there is no way to insert the like SVGs, DXFs etc. The only options available are either insert derived or copy-paste new component. In both case fusion wants to keep that file in "editable documents". Even if I paste it as new and modify it and save the project and close, fusion does not allow me to delete the other file, telling me; that it is used by another file.  Although creating a new one takes much less time than the first time i was designing them it still is unnecessary waste of time.


I do not  know why i can not paste and forget them just like sketches.


So, what will be best workflow to be efficient  within 10 design limit as Non-commercial user?


Another problem I have regarding copying such components is when I receive or download someone else's files and there is no dedicated sketch under the component I want. There is only one or two sketches under the main component and all components are created from them afterwards via join + create component.    Copying those sketches as well does not makes sense as they look like dozens of bodies merged in to one and try to figure out which parts are related to the part i am copying takes longer than creating one from sketch.  We can create bodies from sketches and components from bodies. Is there a way to do in other way round ie  components to bodies ( this is somewhat automated in F360)), then bodies to sketches? Projecting might be a way to create a sketch but it is not optimal and easy.




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