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How to turn off auto select?

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How to turn off auto select?

Hello!! I am a new fusion360 user and recently updated to the latest version on macOS. I was very happy with the performance of the previous version as it worked with my MacBook perfectly. Ever since I updated I have had issues with the panning and orbit and was wondering if there was any way to fix it. 


The main issue is that by default it is always on select mode. Previously, I use to be able to click and drag to orbit around my creation but now I cannot do that without having to click each button which is very annoying. Is there any way to either convert updated versions or fix this issue? Although it is a very minor issue, it is rather tedious and I like to observe what I am doing very often rather than select objects 24/7

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in reply to: summer_rowe

@summer_rowe , thanks for reporting! 

Would you please help check whether you have turn on the High-resolution canvas graphics on high DPI displays from Preferences->Graphics->Display? 

And can you also record a video to show the auto select issue with us? 






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