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How to test balance using Centre of mass

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How to test balance using Centre of mass

Hi, i am designing a tower and i need to see if it will fall over at a certain angle. I have used the centre of mass function as i thought this would be the most suited for the test. I have a centre of mass when the structure is upright and it is perfect, i then rotate the model and do the centre of mass analysis again but the centre of mass doesn't change location. Is there a better way of doing this, any suggestions to help would be great, thanks!

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@oliverchatwin wrote:

...i then rotate the model ...

Are you rotating the model, or are you rotating the view of the model?

Can you File>Export and then Attach your *.f3d file here?


If not, can you post image of rotated model relative to the Origin coordinate system.

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I am rotating the model using the move tool, 5.7 degrees to be exact.
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Here is the file

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