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How to specify arrow direction for "point along path"?

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How to specify arrow direction for "point along path"?

I have a model that I am trying to parameterize, and I want to be able to use one parameter to control the angle of a 3 point plane that exists in multiple spots in the model. One of the points of that plane I create using "point along path" The problem I am running into is that when I click the edge, it's a total coin toss as to which direction your product is going to decide that the arrow points. Sometimes the arrow is pointing down so that a distance of proportion 1.0 along the path is at the bottom. Sometimes that arrow is pointing up so that that 1.0 is at the top. This would be an easy fix for a single hard coded value just by flipping it to the other end, but since I'm trying to use parameters here, I need the arrow to point in the same direction every time, and more than that I need for me as the user to be able control that direction in a determistic way. I need a button. At the moment it seems random. Why isn't this user controllable? Other dialogs have a "flip" option. "Point along path" needs that too.

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please show your process in a screencast and share the file


File > export > save as f3d on local drive > attach to post



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Really need your model and explanation to be sure but normally I have found that when I click on an open path, to place a Point on a Path or Plane on a Path, the arrow points in the direct toward last point picked in the path creation.  If it is on a closed path, like the edge of a filleted rectangle, then the arrow points along the path is a general Counter-clockwise direction when facing the surface containing the path.


Your model and explanation via video or screen capture will be the only thing to explain what you see.

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I'm not sure why this is complicated to understand. Take a cube. Pick any edge. Click it and click "Point along path". See that arrow that the program arbitrarily picked a direction for? How do you make it point the other way? (Flipping the model doesn't count)

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