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How to report documentation typos?

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How to report documentation typos?

Hi Autodesk team, how do you want us to report documentation typos? I think it feels unnecessary to spam the forums with these kind of trivial reports.


For example, says:


Uae Push to 2D PCB Create 3D Sketch icon to reference the construction geometry in the 2D PCB for layout purposes.


I.e, "Uae" -> "Use". I found some other similar minor typo, but can't remember where now.


Generally, I find it surprising that online documentation does not have a "report a typo/error" link on every page. If I had a product I would be grateful for users to point out errors in the documentation, and reporting them should be as easy as possible. The report would not have to be acknowledged in anyway and there would be no commitment from Autodesk. The feedback should certainly not be shown on the page itself (like some sites do, but I find annoying and distracting).

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This is the place to report the typos.

(report FUS-149499)



Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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