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How to modify the AGARD 445.6 wing by increasing its Aspect Ratio

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How to modify the AGARD 445.6 wing by increasing its Aspect Ratio

How would I use FUSION 360 to increase the Aspect ratio of this AGARD 445.6 wing of the STEP geometry to 15. I mean, I'm not constructing the wing from scratch, I already have this wing. So now I just need to modify it so that it's Aspect Ratio becomes 15.

I'll send over my mathematical calculations and workings out if it helps you. I've been trying to modify this wing's outer shell to make sure the wing has a longer wingspan and has an aspect ratio of 15. I've tried this for weeks but I am getting nowhere with it. Please help as soon as you can.


This jpg picture of my calculations and workings out for designing the wing planform shape, which is the final modification of the AGARD 445.6 wing, which has an aerofoil cross section of the NACA 65A 004 (which is in the STEP geometry file). But how to I modify the Agard 445.6 wing geometry from the STEP file so that it can easily be shaped into a new wing with an aspect ratio of 15? I mean shaping the wing in FUSION 360 like clay but refined to the new wing with an ASPECT RATIO of 15. Surely in FUSION 360 the cad wing can be modified in FUSION 360 to have the aspect ratio of 15. I mean modifying the original AGARD wing and then constraining the root and tip chords along with the wing span and type in their geometry values based on the jpg image file in this attachment.

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Here are my parameters. I'm struggling to make this a reality in Fusion 360. Please help.

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Use Scale Tool.


Modify > Scale.

Select non uniform, 

select body, and reference point, and set scale factor to 1 for thickness, and 

scale factors for span and sweep, the same value.


Might help…..

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in reply to: davebYYPCU

Not sure how to follow this.

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in reply to: inaamh

Aspect ratio for me is wingspan divided by chord.

Scale factor is 


current wing span aspect ratio equals ???

required wingspan aspect ratio is 15.


Divide 15 by the first number


Might help….

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in reply to: inaamh

Here is my calculations 

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in reply to: inaamh

Scale - non uniform has an unexpected problem, in that it also scales the chord, 


So scaling in 2 (independent) directions is probably not the correct method.

In this pic, the original body was scaled for wingspan and sweep, but the chord grows in proportion.

Black sketch lines are your target wing - chords, span and sweep.





I don't know how to get to where you want with the current body.

Design a new one is easy.


Might help...

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