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How to make this shape without seams?

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How to make this shape without seams?

I'm trying to loft between two of the profiles in the image below, with the third arc being the rail.

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 10.07.34 AM.png

The result looks like this

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 10.09.48 AM.png

I mirrored this to get this result

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 10.11.07 AM.png

How can I get rid of the edge/seam in the center, so that it's a smooth transition between the mirrored halves?


I also tried to use sweep/split body instead of loft. I get this shape with no seams

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 10.42.31 AM.png

But you can see here the shape isn't exactly right

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 10.43.43 AM.png

I've attached both files.

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See if this model suits your needs.  Model attached.Loft.jpg

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Mirroring fit point splines is a bad idea!

After editing one side, often the symmetry is lost. 

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