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How to get access to generative design as a student or educator

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How to get access to generative design as a student or educator


I’m a student currently working on a school project a local research centre for students. The aim of the project is the improvement of different parts of a recumbent bike with an aerodynamic cover, and there are some parts, like the holders of the aerodynamic cover that have to withstand strong forces, but they are still supposed to be lightweight (the cover itself was made out of very lightweight materials). So the plan is to use 3D printing to make these holders and reinforce them afterwards with glass fibre, but it seems almost impossible to 3D model these parts as perfect in therms of weight and strength as possible without using some kind of more advanced software. I’m already using Fusion 360 for some years, but apparently the function for generative design, that seems to be exactly the needed software, isn’t accessible with the normal student license. Do you know how it would be possible to get access also to that or a similar function? 

Best regards, Konrad

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@konrad.cermann wrote:

the normal student license.

To have access to Generative Design the student license must be associated with a *.edu email domain.

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Ok thanks, but as far as I read I won't be able to get a .edu email domain, because I'm from Europe...
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@konrad.cermann wrote:
 I won't be able to get a .edu email domain, because I'm from Europe...

First time I have ever heard of that.

I thought it was dependent on the school.

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I never heard of that domain before, and we didn't get one from our school. But I'll ask my teachers and search if there's a way to get it. But it really seems to be only available in the USA, I'm relatively sure.


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Thank you for your reply. I think I can search now myself for a solution. If I'm not able to get a .edu email domain, I'll try asking the Autodesk support if it would be possible to get it also with a normal address, since I'm also a student.
Best regards, Konrad

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Hi @konrad.cermann,

Fortunately, in the past few days, we have removed the need to have a .edu email address to access Generative Design. Any educational account that can access Fusion 360, can now access Generative Design.


All the best,

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Leo Warren
Community Manager - Students & Educators
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Thank you very much. I haven't checked it for a while, but it works, I can use it now.

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