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How do you cutout a angle in 3d extrusion?

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How do you cutout a angle in 3d extrusion?


Hi all, I'm having trouble cutting out an angled shape in a 3d extrusion. I created a shape in the sketch (3d) that has an angle and then performed an extrusion. Now on that angle that's now a 3d block, I want to again create an angle that I want to cutout of the 3d block. I place a new ketch plane where I want to draw the angle and then extrude (cutout) on that plane but each time I do so it's not following my angle. It always cuts out at  90 degrees from the drawn line. 


I'm stuck. Hope someone can help me. 

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Need a file, pic or movie to understand your problem.

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Hi all please see images below hope that helps to understand what I'm after. Cheers

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Use the Sweep Tool.


Profile to cut is the triangle you have selected already.

Path is the blue line, but it can not be a construction line, change it to Normal Line.


Might help....

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Sweeping tool! Awesome Dave but still got an issue at the bottom where it won't cutout. Any ideas?

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I figured it out mate. I had to create another sketch plane and draw another line and do another sweep to continue the cutout. Cheers mate much appreciate it.

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here's my final image with the completed cutout.

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Or the Path line was too high, and should be longer, to cover the complete cut.


Might help...

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