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How do I use a prebaked generative design as a starting shape for a second run?

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How do I use a prebaked generative design as a starting shape for a second run?


I am currently part way through my masters degree and trying to apply generative design to achieve an optimised bike frame.

I have already got a result which has potential but its was slightly overweight and was 9x of the factor of safety minimum which I had set. With a lower safety factor I would assume the weight would also drop to my target.

One of the ways I have seen to get around this is to re-run the GD simulation to get a more effective result. The problem I am having is using the previous outcome as a starting shape for the next simulation. Are there any resources which can help me through this? I have seen people mention it but no actual tutorials etc. 

Any help would be great!

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You'll first need to export a design from Gen Design. It will open into a new file that you can save. From there, you would bring the exported file back into the original file. Once back in your gen setup, the newly placed body will be unassigned. If you need to keep the old runs, create a new study (clone) and then set the imported body as the starting shape.


Keep in mind that by bringing in the exported body to begin with you will get out of date results. This is to be expected (since the geometry changed). Your existing results won't go away unless you re-run the studies, but they may give the outdated warning/glyph.

K. Cornett
Generative Design Consultant / Trainer

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Ahh this is perfect! thank you for the help! just waiting on the study completing now 

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