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How Do I Fix This Fillet?

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How Do I Fix This Fillet?

I have this object, which isn't perfectly square.  I want to round the edges, but no matter what I do the fillet gets all wonky.  


Is there a way to achieve a perfectly rounded edge without the gap circled below?


Screenshot 2023-10-27 160303.jpgScreenshot 2023-10-27 160332.jpg

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Is something like the Attached what you are after?

Do you have a picture of something similar that already exists in the real world?


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Thank you for this, it is a lot better an option that what I was seeing. 


I've opened your project file and it look like you were doing the same thing I was doing, but your result is different. 


Any idea why?

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Do you have a picture of something similar to what you are attempting to model from the real world?

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Unfortunately there is not, to my knowledge.  But here is a mockup I made in Blender to illustrate what I'm after.  Notice how the bevel is consistent around the corners, where Fusion wants to do more of a rolling effect.





Screenshot 2023-10-30 162845.jpg


Is it possible to achieve the Blender look in Fusion?

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Maybe this one?

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Yeah, with a finish that should work! 


Thank you, didn't even think to apply the fillet in stages.  Makes perfect sense.


Cheers 😉

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So I actually just encountered another snag and once again I'm stumped.


I don't actually want the diagonal edge along each side to be beveled (refer to my Blender reference above).  But when I try and recreate what you've done it won't work unless I bevel that edge.  I've tried to bevel that area in different sequences but I can't get it to work.


Screenshot 2023-10-31 105659.jpg

Any suggestions?

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I also  just realized, using this solution, that the edges are now coming out with a curve, where they should be straight.


With Bevel:

Screenshot 2023-10-31 110929.jpg


Screenshot 2023-10-31 111146.jpg

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