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How do i do mutiple simulations on different components in a single design?

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How do i do mutiple simulations on different components in a single design?

I have many components in a design shared to me by my supervisor, I would like to conduct simulations on select components in the design. Doing the first simulation is easy, simplify and conduct the simulation. However the second, third, and subsequent simulations require different components. Is there a method to do independent simulations with different parts? Or do i have to break up the design file into x number of duplicates to do x number of simulations? 


Any advice appreciated thx.

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Good day @jonathantiolichen,


Fusion 360 runs the simulations on the cloud, so you can simply duplicate a Simulation and alter it.
Or setup a new one with another part/sub-assembly file, then submit them all. 

I have had 11 Simulations running from 1 PC.

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Kind regards,
Pieter-Ben van Wyk

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