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How do I create a perspective view line drawing?

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How do I create a perspective view line drawing?

If you are in design mode viewing a 3D part (in perspective) at a particular angle, is there any way to convert that exact view of the part into a line drawing, even if you can't interact with it (e.g. converted line drawing only saves as .jpg image)?


That functionality would be very useful in making patent drawings, because you could just paste the image and then draw your reference numbers over it.


Alternatively, in 2D drawing mode, is there any way to project a perspective view instead of orthographic?


Thanks in advance to any replies.

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in reply to: ford33x

Hi @ford33x 


This is a feature that we are currently working on. We are a few months away from having it ready. 



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in reply to: ford33x

Isometric acceptable?






or you can fudge a bit:



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in reply to: ford33x


If I have correctly understood it, a named view could be suitable




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in reply to: ClintBrown3D

O.k. great! Of the 2 examples I gave, which one are you working on?


For my use (e.g. patent drawings / assembly instructions, etc.) being able to convert whatever angle view I'm looking at in 3D mode to a line drawing image would be more useful than having the ability to project to a perspective view in a 2D drawing. Because I'm assuming that projected perspective view would still be limited to a few angle choices, just like orthographic (i.e. SW, SE, NE, NW). Which is not as useful as being able to manipulate a 3D perspective view to any angle I choose, and then saving it as a line drawing image.

I see Fusion 360 already has the ability to "capture image" in the FILE drop down menu, so that functionality is already there. The only issue is how to get rid of the shading before capturing it. Perhaps a line drawing could be sufficiently simulated by automatically converting all surfaces to have a solid WHITE appearance when the user toggles on a button?

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in reply to: Warmingup1953

Thanks for reply. Perspective allows more features to be seen from a single viewpoint. In attached example, inside walls of box are visible with perspective front view, but not with orthographic.

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in reply to: g-andresen

I just tried it but it didn't seem to accurately reproduce the perspective angle of the named view, and some lines were missing. Don't think it will work, but I'll play around with it some more. Thanks for suggestion. 

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in reply to: ford33x

A Named view and then open Drawing Workspace is one way but indeed it's cumbersome and you may not end up with a file format that will work for you. Why not simply screen capture?aa.jpgbb.jpgcc.jpg

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in reply to: Warmingup1953

Thanks for suggestion, but my point was it doesn't work at all, not that it's cumbersome. You can see on the attached image how the named view (captured in 3d perspective) appears after it's imported to 2D drawing. I'm assuming it's just interpolating the perspective view back into an isometric view. It's hard to tell for sure, but your example line drawings also appear to be isometric, not perspective.


Regarding your screen capture suggestion, I would happily capture the perspective image in 3D or use a snipping tool to copy and paste it, if I could eliminate the beige surface appearance that makes it look more like an illustration than a line drawing. But I can't seem to do it. For example, the 3D box image I attached has a WHITE glossy paint surface appearance applied to it, but it still looks beige when saved as an image, which is typically not liked by USPTO for patent drawings. They want line drawings.

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in reply to: ford33x

Do either of these two Screen captures work or am I just not understanding your requirements?


Screenshot 2023-11-25 071608.png




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in reply to: Warmingup1953

Yes. How did you do that? When I try to capture the image in 3D mode, each surface has various shade of beige depending on its angle. Exactly as it's displayed. See attached screenshot. Are you applying a particular surface appearance to make all the surfaces appear as solid white?  Are you capturing the image using the "capture image"  selection available in the FILE drop down menu? The two images you posted appear to visually identical. Is there any difference between them? Either one would be fine for my purposes.

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in reply to: ford33x

Visual Styles Wire frame with Visible edges gets you the look and feel you need...I use a screenshot app Snip and Sketch on Windows 10 ( Think it's Built in and on the Mac at home I think its Snaggit(?) not sure.





N.B. The screen capture below is of Wireframe and Hidden edges.


I swap visual syles around a bit and the Keyboard shortcut section of my brain is used for other things so I use a free addin to give me clickable icons to change (Located lower taskbar(Name?)).


I usually capture as .jpg but I was reviewing using .png thinking it may capture transparent .png ( it doesn't) the second file I posted earlier I converted the captured .png to a transparent .png via an Online converter.


Screenshot 2023-11-25 124852.png





Heres my Toolbar thing:


Visual Style Shortcut Bar.png




abnd the Link:

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in reply to: Warmingup1953

Thanks Warmingup1953 for the suggestion and follow up info. The wire frame view with visible lines should work for my simpler drawings, but I noticed with assemblies when I zoom in to better see the detail before capturing, the image isn't nearly as crisp, and there's speckling around the lines when viewed as .png, similar to how a photocopy looks after it's been recopied a few times. I'm still trying a few different things to see if I can improve the captured image quality. I'll probably try to clean it up in photoshop if no other way. Works good enough though for the simple drawings, thanks. 

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in reply to: ClintBrown3D

Is this closer to be something we can use-said it would be a couple of months in November.

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in reply to: steveALX

This feature is scheduled to be released soon. For earlier access please sign up for the Fusion Insider program. Sometimes features can be delayed during development for a multitude of reasons, we always aim to deliver the best feature possible as quickly as we can, but at the right quality. Once a feature is “ready” it still goes through QA, testing and validation before being released to the Insider and ultimately the public

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