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How can this be over constrained?

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How can this be over constrained?

I ran into a problem with a line being "over constrained" despite having no constraints that would interfere with a dimension I would like to add. Any ideas how to resolve this one? This is new to me. 

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Please post your model.  If you do not know how to attach your Fusion 360 model follow these easy steps. Open the model in Fusion 360, select the File menu, then Export and save as a F3D or F3Z file to your hard drive. Then use the Attachments section, of a forum post, to attach it.

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Are there any unresolved issues highlighted in your Timeline?

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There were unresolved problems later in the time-line but none before this.
I was able to get past it by changing the sequence I applied
constraints/dimensions. It didn't make much sense why a different sequence
to get to the same end state made a difference for something so simple.
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@CodyHinojosa1989 wrote:
It didn't make much sense…

That is why you should attach your file for diagnosis by the experts here. 
I see numerous issues with your technique that are common to unexpected behaviors.

If a picture might be said to be worth a thousand words, a file might be worth a thousand pictures.

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