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How can I get rid of buttons in an Imbedded Iframe?

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How can I get rid of buttons in an Imbedded Iframe?

Id love to insert a 3D model into my website without having these clunky buttons blocking the view. Especialy for mobile viwers browsing. I'd like to remove it!

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in reply to: adamw.14128

Hi, without this toolbar, how will your audience utilize the benefits of this analysis/annotation?

Abhinav Singh
Product Owner
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in reply to: abhinav_singh

They would only be able to orbit the model. For my instance, I don't want the website to feel like a 3D CAD software program. A simple interface with little interactions would actually improve the experience. I just want be customers to view the product as if they were in a retail store in essence.

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in reply to: adamw.14128

I have the same question. At least so the buttons fades away if not touched.

Senior Product Specialist
Fusion 360, Inventor.
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in reply to: adamw.14128

Any progress on this? I would like this same ability to have only navigation ability.

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in reply to: adamw.14128

I would love to see this as a feature as well.  I want a customer of mine to be able to embed the 3D models directly into their website but without the ability to measure or manipulate the model in anyway.  Just a simple viewer that would allow for rotation, panning and zooming.

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in reply to: sbarracuda

I would pay double if it could do this AND allow for appearance or scene
presets so said browsing customer could toggle color or finish options.
You'd be halfway to a complete ecommerce solution.
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Yes, I'm looking for Autodesk's answer to Sketchfab: a user-friendly embedded viewer that allows zoom and rotate. I need a Google Cardboard (VR) option as well, like Sketchfab has. 

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