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How can I copy my preferences between machines?

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How can I copy my preferences between machines?

I had Fusion crash last night and then it wouldn't restart and then I ended up reinstalling it. Now I'm faced with a completely default set of preferences. I had a lot of customizations in there that have been accumulated over years, so it's hard to reproduce all that. However, I have a laptop with Fusion on it, and my preferences are still good there. Is there some sensible way to copy those preferences from my laptop to my main machine? Runinng Fusion on both machines side-by-side and copying everything by hand would seem like the worst case scenario, but it's worse than that. License restrictions prevent me from running on two machines simultaneously. I suppose I could screenshot every page on one machine and then copy by hand to the other one. Is there a better way?

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Take a look at message #6 in the post.  Be cautious, create a backup of the existing file before replacing.

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Very nice - thank you! That's exactly the information I needed.

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