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High DPI Scaling Messed Up with Latest Update

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High DPI Scaling Messed Up with Latest Update

I've been using the High DPI Scaling preview for the past couple of months (Windows 10, 17" UHD Laptop). Model resolution was greatly improved using this option. Text and Icon size were not affected and seemed to follow my Windows setting of 200% scaling.


However with the latest update (downloaded this morning) text and icons no longer follow the Windows scaling and are EXTREMELY small. Version info is unreadable.


Also, wasn't there a "Use High Resolution Graphics" option available in Preferences once the High DPI Scaling preview was selected? That now seems to be missing.


So the day we chose to switch over to Fusion full time and get away from SW, we're met with this lovely update. Currently re-evaluating our decision...


Is there a fix available?

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in reply to: JacobBZRLE

Noticed the Fusion version in "Add or Remove Programs" was the latest 2.0.16486, however the version in Fusion->Help->About was 2.0.16009.


Repaired the Fusion installation and this fixed the version discrepancy and also the display problems I was experiencing.


Can I get 4 hours of my life back?

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in reply to: JacobBZRLE

My apologies for that experience with the version conflict. The good news is that this feature should be leaving Preview this summer, so toggling it will no longer be necessary.

Lance Carocci
Fusion QA for UI Framework/Cloud Workflows, and fervent cat enthusiast

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