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Help triming surface to body edge

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Help triming surface to body edge

I'm trying to trim this helix surface to edge of the rounded center body. This would create a spiral path, which I can use for a pipe around the center body. However, the trim command does not seem to work. It will execute but no change is made to the helix. What would be the best way to create this spiral path?


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Use the same inputs for the creation of the grey solid body, 

Start Extrude command, using that input again,

cut the inside of the coil body away, or

intersect to keep the inside portion of the coil body, 

Both versions will work for the Pipe.


Might help…


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You cannot use an existing solid body to trim a surface. 


1. In the surface tab, delete the top (or bottom) face of the rounded block and then use the trim command.

2. In the surface tab, use the offset command and offset the blocks circumferential surface by 0 mm. then use that surface to trim.

3. In the solid tab, use the top, or bottom surface to extrude through the rounded block and the spiral. Change the type to from cut to intersect. Change the object to intersect with.




Peter Doering
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Thank worked. thank you.

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