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help: I can't delete designs

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help: I can't delete designs

I created a design (let's call it A). then I imported it into another one, let's call it B.

but afterwards I removed A from B.



I saved B and closed.

But I can't delete A. it says it is in use. but it isn't. Indeed if I check it, it returns it isn't used.

But ... I can't delete it.







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I assume that in between adding the reference to A, and before removing it, you saved B.  That means that there is a previous version of B out there that does reference A.  And, since Fusion allows you to open old versions of a design and "save as latest", then that reference can come back.  This is why delete is blocked - if there is any reference to A from any version of B that exists, that reference can be reconstituted.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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Yes right. however how can I remove everything and delete that design? Is there a way?

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The only way that I know of (assuming you still want to keep B) is:  Export the current B as a Fusion archive, then re-upload it.  That will create a brand new design with no past versions (and therefore no references to A).  You can then delete B, and then delete A.


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: tormy.vancool


maybe this tutorial by @jhackney1972  might help



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in reply to: g-andresen

it worked out. I think also the solution by @jeff_strater was working as well.
I keep both as valid solutions (even if I can vote for only one so far I see but I try to vote both)

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