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Half My students accounts said trial instead of educational and now they have expired

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Half My students accounts said trial instead of educational and now they have expired



When my students registered their accounts for fusion, half of them had fusion say they were educational accounts and half said trial. I talked to my IT department and they told me that another school in our district had the same issue but when they expired they all rolled over into educational accounts. This was not the case for my students however, When I go onto the fusion website using a students account, it says they are registered as an educational account????


Please Help

I tried to call AutoDesk but its like they try to not talk to you?



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Hi @dburroughsUAC6V 

After your students confirmed their eligibility for access to Autodesk Education software licenses, then they need to request licenses for the desired software. Please ask your students to do the following.


  1. If needed, sign into the Autodesk Education site.
  2. On the Individual tab, on the Fusion 360 product card click "Get product".



  1. Click on "ACCESS".



  1. Launch Fusion 360 (if you're running Fusion from a browser, you can cancel the install).
  2. If the Education license does not appear on the top of Fusion's screen as shown in the following image, sign out and back into Fusion 360.



You can post further educator related questions to the Fusion Educators forum.


Please keep us posted.




Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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