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Half Elipse wont constraint

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Half Elipse wont constraint




All newbe here. I bought Fusion a week ago, and been watching courses and youtube and try to learn.


But now I am stuck with half an elipse that wont constraint. (top picture). I manage to do it once (bottom picture), but cant remember how, and now I have been trying to do it again for 2 hours.


I have tried everything, with help from contruction lines, messaures and so on.


Someone who can help me getting past my first ever sketch, so I can continue with my idea.




Thank you!



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in reply to: joakim_bonde

One of the methods in sketching in Fusion is to not waste the time trimming sketches.  There may be sometimes it makes sense but in your case it does not.  Keeping the ellipse in tack makes it easy to complete you sketch and create the extrusion you need.


Next time you post a question about a model, please attach your model so others can quickly answer your question more effectively.  If you do not know how to attach your Fusion 360 model follow these easy steps. Open the model in Fusion 360, select the File menu, then Export and save as a F3D or F3Z file to your hard drive. Then use the Attachments section, of a forum post, to attach it.


"If you find my answer solved your question, please select the Accept Solution icon"

John Hackney

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in reply to: joakim_bonde

Thank you John for that video. So if I understand you dont need to trim "negative" space?


And also, I will post a file in the future.



Thank you,


Joakim Bonde

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@joakim_bonde wrote:

.... So if I understand you dont need to trim "negative" space?



That is correct most of the time. The fact is, however, that the ellipse and a number of other sketch tools have been buggy for many years.

A workaround for many sketch related "limitations" is to extrude surfaces and trim those as needed. Then you can use the edges of those surfaces for further modeling.

Peter Doering

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