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Get spice model into Fusion 360 electrical PCB

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Get spice model into Fusion 360 electrical PCB

The .mdl seems to be a very uncommon file. I haven't found one yet!

I would prefer to stay within fusion 360 100% but I have access to Eagle. There must be a way to import the spice files. 

For instance Here:

or here:


It must exist through SamacSys. Is there a standard way to find the spice file, mdl text file, etc? Is it part of the library file in eagle? I am a beginner at both but there doesn't seem to be a text guide covering this anywhere for Fusion 360 PCB.


I saw this explanation:

Solution:To equip a PCB device with a simulation/spice model, follow these steps:
  1. Find and import from the internet a correct spice model that meets the requirements. THATS THE PROBLEM.
  2. Open it in the Windows notepad (or another text editor).
  3. Copy the code of the spice model.
  4. Go to the schematics with the simulated circuit in Fusion 360.
  5. Right-click on the symbol for the PCB device and select the "add Spice Model" option.
  6. Then click the Map button.
  7. If the section for the code is empty paste the new one, if not replace the incomplete/old code.
  8. Enter the model name.
  9. Click ok in both windows that will show.
  10. Click the Done button.


Is there a better way to do this pcb design? Is there a software that complies with Samacsys? Is there a way to get my spice model information?


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