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Fusiosn 360 Hobby License - Something went wrong when creating your hobbyist license.

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Fusiosn 360 Hobby License - Something went wrong when creating your hobbyist license.

Hi, hoping someone can help please.


I go through the process as described on the page - How to register for Fusion for Personal Use.


Then I enter my details and then get to press Download - But doesn't download, and after a couple of seconds says - Something went wrong when creating your hobbyist license. And it stalls there,

I've tried 3 different chat/help desk people and got nowhere. In fact the last one sent me here - they just want the quick easy jobs      Case No. 21940248




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Try to log into your newly created Autodesk Account at this link using the email account and password you used when you applied for your personal use license.  If you are successful, you have register.  Go to the All Products and Services page and there you will find the Fusion download.  If you cannot log onto this site, then you need to go through the registration process again to create your Autodesk ID, email address, and your password.


By the way, if you do get logged in and cannot find the All Product and Services entry, click on the top right corner of the website, on your avatar or name.


Product and Services.jpg

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Thank you. My account seems to be corrupted, logging in is no issue, but registration fails. I'll try another email. Luckily I have a few.

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