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Fusion360 license “expires” when it’s still valid

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Fusion360 license “expires” when it’s still valid

Has anyone else had ongoing issues with their Fusion360 license just locking them

out under the pretense the license has expired…when quite clearly it hasn’t?


I’ve just had 5 days of frustration where I couldn’t get access to my files because AutoDesk just decided to lock me out.


Numerous email exchanges to customer support were ineffective. Nine days later I finally get my case escalated, only to find out the issue has mysteriously rectified itself.


The timeliness of support in my case has been nothing short of horrendous.


Just interested to know if others have “enjoyed” this unique “feature” of Fusion360?




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@maustinQZ9FZ, when this happens, is it in the installed Fusion 360 application only, or is it also expired on the web within Fusion Team?

Lance Carocci
Fusion QA for UI Framework/Cloud Workflows, and fervent cat enthusiast
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@lance.carocci - not sure to be honest.  I was only seeing it on the installed app, but didn't actually go and check the web side of things.

My account was certainly showing things should still be working.

Its magically fixed now, but its a massive PITA when your account just gets locked and AutoSlug take 5 days to resolve it.

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