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Fusion not starting up

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Fusion not starting up

Hi together,


since I changed my graphics card (Old: AMD R9 290 New AMD RX6900XT) and displays, Fusion can't start anymore.


What I have tried so far:

- Reset Fusion with the included tool

- Deleting LoginState.xml

- Deleted the files in the 

- Reinstall Fusion completely with the cleaner tool

- Deinstall my Graphics driver with DDU and reinstall my driver


Attached is the state where it stops working.

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Hi @bastian.reinold 


Are you 100% sure that the graphics drivers, OS, F360 and other drivers are up do date?

Also, have you tried the manual uninstall of F360?

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Level  sutherland-

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Hi @sutherland- ,

everything is up to date.

Graphics card:







I've uninstalled and reinstalled Fusion manually 2 times. Once with the service utility and once with the following Instructions.

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No Ideas or tipps? The Problem is still there😓

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It is a bit extreme but I would create a new Windows Profile that has administrator rights, turn off Anti-Virus, and run the installer by right clicking on it and choosing "Run as Administrator".  If this works, your original profile is corrupt.  All of this is assuming you are using the Windows operation system.

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John Hackney

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Finally, after over 7 months, I found the Problem!


If I connect my third monitor (LG TV) via HDMI, Fusion360 cannot start, if I disconnect the monitor (via Windows settings or unplugging)  Fusion starts again properly ...


If somebody has the same issue unplug one of your monitors.

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