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Fusion not saving designs

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Fusion not saving designs

I am a Fusion Teacher at Blackburn College and in September set up all 96 student accounts. The Level 1 engineers are now on Fusion360 and one student's account, although educational license, is not allowing him to save anything. Why?????? as all the others are ok. Reece Dawson is The error message just says "Fusion360 is synchronizing the data with cloud storage. Please try again later" Any ideas please!!

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I would try the following:


  1. Ask the student to log out, close Fusion and then open Fusion and log back in.
  2. Using a Web Browser try and access this site, using their Autodesk ID and password.
  3. If all the above fail, run the Fusion Service Utility and select the Network Diagnostic Test. Post the results back to your Forum post if you get errors.  The method of running the Fusion Service Utility is shown in the Animated GIF below or you can go to this webpage to find out how to access it.

Network Test.gif

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