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Fusion not rendering patterned features

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Fusion not rendering patterned features

Hi I'm trying to create a grille cover for a speaker setup. Attached is my f3d file. I'm trying to pattern 1.5mm hexagons across the surface of this entire piece.

When I tried to pattern the sketch, it would take forever (with multiple crashes in between), and on the forums, the recommended approach is to pattern features. I tried to do this and whilst it does take a LONG time to generate, the preview looks good but when I click ok, it goes into slow mode and then when I come back to the design, I cannot see the pattern, although the pattern is there in my timeline. if I edit the pattern, I can see the preview after some time.


What am I doing wrong? what's the best solution to get the honeycomb pattern over the face of this piece?

Thanks in advance...I've watched hours of YouTube and read up on posts, but can't figure this one out. Happy to drop some beer tokens to anyone that can assist me on this,

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This does not have anything to do with the pattern generation, but your sketch mojo need to be improved.

The sketch should be fully dimensioned and fully constrained.

All the small fillets should be applied as fillets to the extruded solid body and not in the sketch. 

Peter Doering

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