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Fusion minimizes itself when computing. Also has hidden window causing force quit.

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Fusion minimizes itself when computing. Also has hidden window causing force quit.

Hi, I have this problem where whenever Fusion has to do a large compute (editing something back in the timeline, saving a mesh file, etc.) it will minimize itself behind other open windows. I use Windows 11.  It's kinda annoying having to alt+tab all the time to get back to Fusion to keep working. Additionally, when this happens sometimes there is some kind of hidden popup window which prevents me from continuing in fusion. I don't know what it says because I have never seen it (thus hidden). I can't click or do anything to fusion (like minimize the window) and I get an error chime whenever I try. I cannot make this hidden window appear and alt+tab shows that there is only one fusion window. However, I discovered that sometimes pressing alt+F4, or pressing enter will close this hidden Fusion window and allow me to continue. Sometimes this doesn't even work and I have to use Task Manager to quit fusion. This is annoying because it is not a crash, fusion is not hung, it's just inaccessible pending access and interaction with some dialogue box.


This happens to my coworker too but less often. It happens to me almost every day but I can not find any reliable triggers for the more severe versions/levels of this problem. I have tried changing resolution, extra desktops, external display etc. but nothing makes this hidden window appear.

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Same thing here.

And for whatever reason drawings take like 25-30s to open up.


This doesn't happen when using MacOS, only on Windows. 

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