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Fusion launches to Full Screen but I want default to be Windowed

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Fusion launches to Full Screen but I want default to be Windowed

Hi All,


I am blessed with a lovely BIG monitor - 43". This makes using Fusion 360 really easy if I want to also open a document or web page to refer to.


The problem is that 90% of the time when I fire up the software it will boot into Full Screen, but I want the default boot to be smaller in order to fit other things as needed. The other 10% of the time it boots into Windowed Screen as shown above and I don't know how to permanently set it to do so. As an example, the Browser window opens exactly in the position and the size I want automagically - I want Fusion to also do this. Ideally I should be able to fire up both Apps and get the above display.


The reason I am asking this is because when Fusion boots into Full Screen, pressing the Windows tag in the top right doesn't seem to change the size of the windows. It takes a couple of minutes to move and resize then reposition the windows where I want them to be before I can start to work.


I have looked in the Settings and cannot find anywhere to set this behavior. I have tried to make it "save" in the position I want by changing a setting and then back then saving the "new" settings. As I said it works about 10% of the time. I have had it open the way I want it to but It doesn't happen all of the time and I don't know how I made it do it.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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in reply to: Drewpan

Your browser itself probably stores the location where you placed it last, and opens in the same location. I know Firefox does this, but not sure about other browsers. I just tested how Fusion behaves on my computer, and it always opened at the same size and position as where I closed it. I tested about fives times moving it to different positions and resizing.


If it for some reason doesn't work for you can use some third party app to position the Fusion window. I personally like FancyZones in Windows PowerToys:  With that you can easily divide the screen into zones to place apps in.


Other options include using AutoHotkey ( to start and place your Fusion 360 window, or for example DeskSoft WindowManager ( I haven't tested it myself, though.


(I'd say you are "cursed" with a 43" monitor. 😉 I had a 32" that I replaced with a 27", because I found the 32" ergonomically too large, but that is getting off topic. )

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in reply to: Bjanders



Thanks for your reply.


What I don't understand is why Fusion opens to the last way it was configured sometimes.

It doesn't make sense, it should be all of the time or none of the time. Obviously something is influencing the behaviour but I don't know what - or how to track it down. The issue is that I have to reconfigure the screen on most times before I can start to work.


In terms of being "blessed" with a large monitor, I find it great because I can open multiple windows and switch between them easily. The configuration I showed is a good example. I can watch the Tutorials on the browser and do the work in Fusion at the same time. This is probably a holdover from my Uni days when I would do software development and have the Specification document open, the software editor open, the Make File editor open, a Console window to Compile and space for the App to run. Under many Unix and Linux environments there is a software switch that makes this quite a bit more functional than MS Windows in that the Unix/Linux environment the windows can be set to be active if the mouse cursor is in the window. It is really easy to work in this environment to just move the mouse and start typing. There may be a way for MS Windows to do this but usually you have to click the mouse in the window then type, a subtle but annoying issue when you switch between environments.






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in reply to: Drewpan

I have the same issue on my double wide monitor, it seems to be new and is very annoying to me.

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in reply to: Drewpan

Hi Devs,


Further to this issue.


About two Fusion Updates ago it appeared that this had been fixed. Fusion booted to exactly where I had it set up

when I shut it down last time. Since then there has been the odd occasion when I have had to do some adjustment

but after the latest update it has changed again.


Now it seems to be remembering the SIZE of the Fusion Window OR making it a bit taller - just enough so I have

to move the main window to resize it. It is also not remembering the right PLACE - sometimes it is in the top left

corner when I like it, sometimes it is the centre of the screen.


The Browser I use for my Tutorials or looking things up still locks into the exact place it was when I shut it down.

This to me says it is Fusion not Windows doing something.





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in reply to: Drewpan

I have some weird open up's, too.

Sometime (less than 5%) it starts fullscreen[FS] but I never ever even used FS once.

The other 95% it starts windowed but FS plus a couple of pixel on my second screen to the right.

This is really annoying.
I always have to set it manually to one icon wide smaller than Monitor screen but it resizes itself on every startup more

than 12h in between.


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