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Fusion keeps slowing down and giving me the message "not responding"

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Fusion keeps slowing down and giving me the message "not responding"

Hi there, I recently just got a brand new PC and I know it's easily capable of running Fusion because that's why I got this PC, but Fusion 360 keeps blanking out and giving me the message "not responding". I don't think it's an internet issue because I have pretty fast internet. The problem happens when I try to open files, copy and paste, or manipulate multiple bodies at the same time. if you could help me figure out what's going on that would be great.

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more than likely, this is specific to a design.  Do you see the same behavior on brand-new simple designs?  If not, then it is probably related to your design.  Share your design here, and people can take a look at it.  


Are you using large sketch patterns?  Have you imported a mesh, and converted it to a BRep using the faceted approach?  Both of those are guaranteed to cause poor performance, but there are other causes as well.


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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Hey Jeff,

It may be the design because I have somewhere around a 100 bodies, but I was wondering if I could save space somehow because most of those bodies are screws and I was wondeirng if I could somehow simplify them so the design isn't so complicated. 

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Again, it would be helpful if you could share the design here.  A couple of questions:

  1. You said "100 bodies".  Is it really 100 bodies, or are you using components?  If there is any duplication in your "parts", components will be much more efficient than bodies.  Instances of components share a single copy of the geometry.
  2. you mention screws.  Again, you should have one component for each type of screw, and instances of them, instead of bodies.  Also, do your screws have physical threads?  That will be very expensive, and cosmetic threads will be more efficient

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director

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