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Fusion for personal use will no longer allow me to output as a PDF without paid version

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Fusion for personal use will no longer allow me to output as a PDF without paid version

I was under the impression from what I read when signing up for Fusion 360 (personal use) that is was free for a year. I have only had a personal use subscription for a couple months so I'm really lost on why it's making me purchase the subscription already? Can someone please help me to understand because I am freaking out now. I need this program so bad and I thought I had much more time.

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You do not have to buy it.
The conditions for the free Personal License have changed as of October 1. This includes that the option for PDF output of drawings is no longer included.

But you can set a PDF via PRINT and select a PDF converter instead of a hardware printer.



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I am making leather patterns with fusion, I then export each piece of the pattern as a pdf to my 3D laser printer to have it cut my pattern on the leather. So will I be able to achieve this task doing it the way you explained? I need to be able to select components for export not the entire design. Thanks!
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You can make your selection in the browser of the drawing environment.



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ok great! So I'm pretty new to Fusion and I tried to figure out how to do what you are explaining, and I'm not having any luck. If you have the time, would you mind walking me through the steps/process? 

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I hope that this will help you get ahead:

select component.gif print to pdf.gif



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Thank you so much, your solution has helped me tremendously!

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After I saved my file as a PDF the way you instructed me to do, I sent the file to my laser printer (just a simple 1 inch circle) and it cut it smaller than 1 inch. Am I doing something wrong in the process of saving the file or is this method unreliable as far as accuracy in measurements go?

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I'm so sorry, I made my circle the wrong measurement. I am trying to do too many things at one time. Please disregard that last message. 

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not good for Mac users I guess. thanks anyway. I think this is a disgrace!
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I am absolutely disappointed with AutoDesk. This here is a disgrace! I hope they read this. 

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