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Fusion fails to compute fillet correctly after project parameter change

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Fusion fails to compute fillet correctly after project parameter change

Hello all,


This is my first post, so please bear with me. I`m trying my best.


I will attach the support logs and my project - it`s a parametric finger glove insert (my first parametric project) for efficiently drying sky/motorbike gloves with a shoe drier.



Problem is - when I set the «FingerLen» to 80mm (Change Parameters), the side fins seem like they are extruded from different heights, although they belong to the same plane. Upon further inspection, the filet modifier seems to fail. Changing the finger height to 78mm or 80.5mm makes them go to the same plane.

I can live with it, 80.5 does the trick for me (my projects are not NASA grade).


Please advice how to proceed. Is anything else required from me?


Thank you!


PS: I`ve been using 3d projecting software for many years (worked several years with 3dsmax, autodesk, arhicad, nemetscheck, houdini etc) and now I discovered the hobby license for fusion 360. I have a feeling how this software should work (although I lack absolute positioning in Fusion360, but I got used to it).

I only work in fusion since 2 months ago, but what I noticed really seems to be a bug (you may call it «feature» (zanyface)...). My profession is software engineer (C and C++ mainly).

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This design can be significantly simplified.

Are you willing to start over from scratch with step-by-step instructions?


Also, I suspect that you really want symmetry here...



Not sure if you wanted symmetry here???



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in reply to: dorin_chira

Hi @TheCADWhisperer,


Thank you for the quick reply!

As I was saying... my first parametric design and then I barely use Fusion360 since 2 months ago, in my scarce free time. I agree it can be simplified, but I`m not yet such an expert.


Didn`t see the issue in the first photo, I only noticed the second one.

I is indeed true that I had some issues with filleting the top inside. I couldn`t do the fillet all at once, I would get random edges not willing to fillet (different ones every time, maybe according to selection order). However, performing the fillet individually would fix the issue. This is also true for the long edges of the fins.

Could the issue in the second photo be related to this filleting issue?



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